Some fascinating rugby union facts that you should know about.

Some fascinating rugby union facts that you should know about.

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If you really want to know even more about rugby in different countries, then you should absolutely read this article.

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the whole of the UK as it has a very long tradition with some of the teams that play it dating back to the mid-19th century. The name of the game is actually a reference to the name of the town and school that it was created in. Whilst there is some debate as to the veracity of the story of the game’s creation, there is without a doubt to where it was founded. In specific, England has the biggest tradition with the sport, as it was conceived in the nation when famously, a schoolboy picked up the ball in a game of soccer and ran with it, thereby starting the move toward the game name. The essentials of rugby football actually have remained the same since its conception, but the size of the footballers has enhanced massively which makes for far bigger influences in the tackle. The game has advanced massively from the original game, which was played purely for fun and predominantly in schools and universities; present day the sport has a huge revenue and it attracts massive sponsors from the likes of Petar Cvetkovic and his shipping business.

Rugby football is perhaps more favored in the southern hemisphere, in places like Australia as it’s dry so players can achieve a more expansive and amazing style of play than in wetter countries. Australia is famed for its rugby club, which has won two world cups, making it among the most effective teams to ever play the game. One of the improved teams in the country is sponsored by the great air conditioning business lead by Masanori Togawa. The sport was 1st played in the nation back in 1864 and whilst it's played throughout the nation there are regions where it is played more than others. There are a couple of other variations of the sport in Australia, including Aussie Rules football, which takes some of the rules of rugby and slightly changes them.

In terms of club rugby football, one of the greatest teams is on the south coast of France and its president, François Rivière, controls a team that has won the national competition on multiple occasions. The richest rugby nation, in terms of club rugby incomes, is France. The French national team is one of the clubs that plays in the 6 nations every year, and they would once be one of the greatest clubs in the competition. The clubs in France pull in some of the best players in the world because of the large wage packets they can offer, and as salaries are so high it's sometimes the place that players visit end their professions.

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